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Synergistic massage Chantal Bréhin offers 8 treatments

  holistic massage: from head to toe

  specific massage: face, head, up / down body

  scrub - massage

  pregnant woman massage

  post natal massage

  baby massage

  special massage girl

  massage man 2 or 4 hands

For Chantal Bréhin the body and the spirit form a whole. For her, the physical, the psychic and the spiritual are closely linked. She has therefore naturally designed a synergetic and holistic massage that takes into account these three dimensions and that she has developed through experimentation.

Why synergetic massage?

Chantal Bréhin harmoniously combines 4 massage techniques. In her early days, Chantal combined Californian massage and shiatsu. Then for a better result, she made them evolve and completed them with the lymphatic massage and the smoothing-empaumement.

Why holistic?

Holistic because it is a complete massage of the whole body from the head to the feet. Chantal Bréhin, Massage Therapist, accompanies the person with a deep listening. She analyzes feelings, emotions ... and relies on her knowledge of morpho-physiology to adapt the treatment to the body's experience.

Slimming-Refining-Antistress: "3 A" to regenerate body and mind

A diagnosis is made through a prior interview with the client. Depending on the needs, Chantal offers an adapted care and associated with the appropriate oils (essential oils or spices) to optimize the expected results: the thinning, the refinement, the resolution of the tensions, the relief of the muscular pains, the relaxation ... In this interview are defined the person's goal, personalized care and follow-up for more efficiency.

Young girl, woman, man: to each and every one his massage

Girls. They experience the physical, hormonal, psychic and emotional upheavals of their own: Chantal Bréhin has designed specially made massages for them.

Women. At the different stages of women's lives, the weight is a given to take into account, emotional shocks, stress, hormonal and psychic upheavals ... To achieve a body harmony that suits them, Chantal Bréhin offers a personalized follow-up treatment for 5 to 10 treatments, once or twice a week.

Men. Aware that today's men also have the same quest for physical and psychological well-being, Chantal Bréhin offers a special man massage with two or four hands.

Pioneer of pregnant and postnatal massage

Pregnant woman massage. To help the future mother to accept and accept her changing body, master her weight gain and live this change over the months, Chantal Bréhin accompanies her from the 3rd month and throughout the pregnancy.

Post natal massage. Then after the birth of baby, in order to find the line and tonicity before maternity, to regain possession of her body, Chantal also offers postnatal follow-up.

Baby special massage. Because baby's well-being influences the mother's and vice versa and in order to establish or strengthen the relationship of intimacy with her child, Chantal Bréhin has developed specific massages for the infant.

A cocooning universe, far from soulless massages

In a world cocooning warm colors, soft lights and sifted in the massage rooms, the scents of essential oils, the benevolence and generosity of the massage therapists unite with the serenity of the place.

There, in this wadded space, the harmony of the body and the soul is mingled and the letting go. In this benevolent environment, the cognitive gives way to the emotional, the sense to the senses, tactile, olfactory, visual, auditory and taste.

To push the door of Chantal Bréhin is to penetrate into a timeless universe, off the beaten track.

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